Ayurveda Medicines

Ayurveda Medicines

1 Joint Support (Ayurvedic Guggulu Rasayana) Joint ache, cracking joints, old age related joint stiffness

2.Bronchi Support (Ayurvedic Mullein Rasayana) Dry Cough, hayfever, sneezing, lung dryness, chest discomfort

3. Asthma Support (Ayurvedic Pushkaramula Rasayana) Coughing, allergies, lymphatic cleansing, wheezing, excess phlegm

4. Heart Support (Ayurvedic Arjuna Rasayana) Cholesterol, Palpitations, irregular heartbeat, abnormal heart rhythms, tremors

5. Liver and Spleen Support (Ayurvedic Neem Prash Rasayana) Liver weakness, Heartburn, Fever, hyperacidity, Inflammed skin diseases, Blood parasites, Nausea, amebic dysentery, anger and aggressions

6. Blood Cleansing Support (Ayurvedic Manjishta Rasayana) Pain relief caused by inflammation, Allergies, Hay fever, blood clotting, blood purification, fevers, inflammed skin diseases, boils, acne, infections, respiratory infections, pimples, sun stroke, swollen and burning eyes, diarrhea, heatstroke, ringworm

7. Delayed Menses Relief (Ayurveda Angelica Rasayana) PMS, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menstrual cramping, delayed menstruation, pains, chills, poor circulation, infertility, menopause ease

8. Menstrual Bleed Ease (Ayurvedic Ashoka Rasayana) PMS, excessive menstrual bleeding, prevention of miscarriage, cramping, fevers, hot flushes, red eyes, diarrhea, blood clotting, infertility, anger and irritability, excess body heat, sweating

9a. Endurance Vata Support (Ayurveda Ashwagandha Rasayana) Weakness, Underweight, Hypotension, Chronic Fatigue, Low Energy, bone weakness, loose teeth, premature aging, debility, convalescence, bone marrow loss, nervous exhaustion

9b. Endurance Pitta Support(Ayurvedic Chyavan Prash) Chronic Fatigue, Low Energy, heat related diseases, liver weakness , spleen and urinary tract problems

9c. Metabolism Kapha Support (Ayurvedic Chyavan Prash) Fatigue, Low Energy, respiratory health, weak digestion, slow metabolism and weak immunity

10. Insomnia Relief (Ayurvedic Jatamamsi Rasayana) Insomnia, muscle spasms, cramps, tremors, convulsions, headache, pain, Worry, anxiety, vertigo, dizziness, hysteria

11. Colds & Congestion Support (Ayurveda Pippali Rasayana) Colds, Lymphatic congestion, Flu, Nausea, Sinusitis, congested lymph glands

12. Ulcer Heal (Ayurvedic Plantain Rasayana) Ulcer support, slow after surgery healing, inflammations, bleeding, acidity

13. Digestive Aid Support (Ayurveda Trikatu Special Rasayana) Malabsorption, Gas, Constipation, weak digestion, loss of appetite, candida, worms, mucus congestion, indigestion, bloating

14. Skin Improvement Support (Ayurvedic Turmeric Rasayana) Blood weakness, low Iron, pimples, acne, boils, skin diseases, pale skin, weakness of blood, skin complexion

15a. Peace of Mind -Vata Support (Ayurveda Vacha Rasayana) Paralysis, Vertigo, Anxiety, Parkinson, Nervousness, mental weakness, hyperactivity, nerve pains, nerve diseases, psychic disturbances, depression, drug addiction, absentmindedness, fear, worry

15b. Anti Stress -Pitta Support (Ayurvedic Brahmi Rasayana) Anger, aggression, Stress, impatience, Poor Memory, Insomnia

15c. Mental Stimulation - Kapha Support (Ayurveda Sage Rasayana) Slow Mental Alertness

16. Brain Motor Function Support (Ayurvedic Skullcap Rasayana) Dizziness, Fainting, Vertigo, Spasms

17. Pancreas Support (Ayurveda Shilajit Churna Rasayana) Blood Sugar support, pancreas support

18. Rheumatism Ease (Ayurvedic Sariva Rasayana) Body Pains and aches

19. Kidney Health Support (Ayurveda Gokshura Rasayana) Backache, Kidney Stones, Impotence, Prostate weakness

20. Concentration - Focus (Ayurvedic Shankapushpi Rasayana) Senility, poor Memory, ADD, poor Concentration, Mental Exhaustion

21. Weight Loss (Ayurveda Somalata Rasayana) Excess weight, Obesity, Fatigue, Overweight, Slow Metabolism , excess Fat, Low Energy

22. Male Enhancement (Ayurvedic Kapikachu Rasayana) Male impotence, Low Male Endurance, Sexual Exhaustion, Male infertility, Spermatorrhea, Male Low Libido, Nocturnal Emissions Erectile Dysfunction.

23. Women's Health Issues Support (Ayurveda Shatavari Rasayana) Female Infertility Menopause Relief, PMS, Menstrual Cramping, Irregular Menstruation, Painful Intercourse, Menopause Moods, Female Sexual Dysfunction, Uterine Pain Relief, Female Hormone Imbalance

24. Blood Pressure Support (Ayurvedic Rashona Rasayana) Blood Pressure support, cholesterol, palpitations

25. Immune System Booster Support (Ayurveda Guduchi Rasayana) Tumors, weak immune system, Sarcoidosis, infections, common cold, flu, Acne, consumption, seminal weakness, respiratory infections, urinary tract viral

26. Throat Health (Ayurvedic Yashti Madhu Rasayana) tonsillitis, smokers throat, hoarse voice, voice weakness, Tonsils, Strep throat, Sore Throat, Laryngitis, voice disorders, Hoarseness

27. Ayurvedic Spice Churnas Simular to Curry but much better tasting, These Churnas make the most delicious tasting dishes you will ever have. They are for Vata Pitta and Kapha type bodies. Use them in cooking or sprinkling them on your food.

28. Ayurvedic Teas Teas for the different Doshas Vata Pitta Kapha and a balanced blend for all body types.

29. Triphala (Churna) Rasayana / Internal cleanse Support Natural Laxative, Constipation, Colon Cleansing, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, Colitis, Gas, Parasites, Detoxification, Sluggish Peristalsis

30. Narayana Massage Oil / Body-Nerve Pain Support Gout, Joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, cracking joints, lumbago, osteo-arthritis, old age, joint stiffness

31. Brahmi Oil / Head and Foot Massage Oil Support Shirodhara Therapy, Natural Hair Loss Remedy, Insomnia, Anger, Mental Imbalance, Dandruff, Dry Hair, Scaly Scalp, Itchy Scalp, Split Ends, Stress

32. Neem Ghritam Skin Dieases All kinds of skin probelms