Kalari Payat an ancient martial art of India, which is practiced in the South Indian state Kerala. The word Kalari means a special kind of place built to practice this martial art, like a gymnasium. It is believed that Kalari Payat is considered to be the “mother” of all ancient martial arts. Even though Shaolin Kung Fu is considered to be the ancient martial arts, its roots are from India. Bhodhidharma a Buddhist monk who taught the art of Kung Fu to the monks of the Shaolin temple had trained in Kalari Payat.

Bodhidharma was considered to be the emissary of Kalari Payat to china. Kalari Payat is divided into four stages. They are Meipayattu or maithari (body), Kolthari (sticks), Angathari (metal weapons), verumkai (empty hand). This art is mainly designed for single combats. This martial art uses sticks, swords, shields, knives, and empty hand to fight.

The training starts with oiling the body and with massage during the training period specially selected herbs are given to the student. This art is famous for Choodu Marma the art of striking in marmas (nerve attacks) and this is forbidden to outsiders. Mastering the Marma technique is not easy it requires high psychic power and concentration. By using the Marma one can immobilize their enemy and can even kill them.

Kalari-Payat techniques are a method of combat. Kalari-Payat is a training to fight with chops, blows, kicks, squeezes, locks, throws and pressure point tactics. The Kalari will also master the use of all ranges of weapons such as the 12 span staff called KETTUKARI, the dagger KATTARAN and finally the URUMI, a long deathly stretch of flexible steel wound around the waist.

A cut with the URUMI can slice the body in two. It is the deadliest weapon in the armory of a Kalari-Payat warrior. A grand master (Maha Guru) in this art will learn the art called Uzhichil a special massage of the nervous system using specially prepared medicated oils. In his medical knowledge of the Anatomy and the Ayurvedic medicines, he will be able not only to treat his own injuries but also his disciples and students who might suffer from injuries in training or combat.