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Know your Constitution (Prakriti)

To know more about yourself, attempt the following questionnaire and know the results of your body constitution which is termed as "PRAKRITI" in Ayurveda. Base your answers according to your total life experiences, and not just how you feel these past few days.
Basically According to Ayurveda, there are seven body types: mono-types (vata, pitta or kapha predominant), dual types (vata-pitta, pitta-kapha or, kapha-vata), and equal types, (vata, pitta and kapha in equal proportions). Every individual has a unique combination of these three doshas.
This questionnaire explains your body constitution physicaly and mentaly both.

   Physical Traits
  Dosha   VATA   PITTA   KAPHA
1. Body Frame Thin Medium Hefty
2. Finger Nails cracking and thin pink/soft, medium wide, white, thick
3. Hair curly, thin, dry gray & bald silky, dence & smooth
4. Resting Pulse (early morning & before breakfast) 80-100 70-80 60-70
5. Weight low & bony medium & muscular often overweight
6. Stool/bowel movements small, hard, gas frequently constipated loose & burning moderate & solid
7. Forehead size Small Medium Large
8. Appetite Irregular Strong and Sharp Constant and Poor
9. Eyes Small and Unsteady reddish cat eyes wide & white
10. Voice stammering & weak commanding & sharp soft sweet, resonating
11. Lips cracking, thin, dry medium & soft large & smooth
12. Skin Dry cherished & wrinkles oily & smooth
13. Which bothers you most? Cold & Dry Heat & Sun Cold & Damp
   Mental Traits
  Dosha   VATA   PITTA   KAPHA
14. Temperament nervous or fearful irritable or impatient easy going
15. Speech quick or talkative moderate or argues slow or silent
16. Sleep  Pattern Less & disturbed Moderate Sleepy & Lazy
17. Habits Travel sports or politics enjoying water & flowers
18. Memory quickly grasps, soon forgets Sharp & Clear slow to learn; never forget
19. Beliefs radical or changing leader & goal oriented loyal & constant
20. Dreams flying & anxious fighting & colorful few & romantic
21. Emotions enthusiastic full of worries warm & angry calm & attached
22. Mind quick & adaptable penetrating & critical slow & lethargic