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What Is Marma Therapy?

On Ayurveda 'Marmasthans ' are special points of energies in the body. This ancient science of dealing with body energies was taken to China during the religious and cultural changes taking place in India and the Chinese developed this science as acupuncture. But Ayurvedic acupuncturists or marma therapists are fully aware of the energy chakras and all energy points which can be treated to unblock the channels of energies. Ayurvedic acupuncture is still widely in practice in India and Sri Lanka.

Marma therapy is a form of therapy designed to stimulate "marmas" -- 107 alleged vital, epidermal, invisible but palpable "junction points" between mind and matter. This treatment system was promoted by Joseph Kurian and is founded in Ayurvedic medicine concepts.

Marmas are thought to be channels that regulate the flow of information, nutrients, and toxins throughout the human body. Marma therapy theory is that the "marma system" may become damaged through stress and improper nutrition, and that unblocking the marmas through stimulation restores health. Marma therapy includes the use of massage, aromatherapy, herbs, special oils, and yoga to unblock marmas. This therapy is also known as Dhanur Veda and Dhanur Veda's science of marmas.

Marmas are the Ayurvedic equivalent of acupuncture points; they are connected to the chakras and nadis of yoga and can be treated with massage, aromatherapy, herbs, and yoga practice. This book outlines 107 main marma points throughout the body, with a clear illustrations for each point and instruction for treatments such as acupressure, massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, yoga, and meditation. Additional information is included on the use of acupuncture on the marma points and the relation of marmas to the practice of yoga.

This is the first book on marma therapy published in the West. It clearly describes the 107 main marma points in location, properties and usage. It explains in detail how to treat them with many methods including massage, aromas, herbs and yoga practices. Ayurveda and Marma Therapy is an essential reference guide for all students of Yoga, Ayurveda, massage or natural healing.