Michi Müller, Deutschland / AugsburgMichi Müller, Deutschland / Augsburg

Due to my ayurvedic therapist education I wanted to experience this traditional Indian holistic healing on my own body. After meeting Alison of Prana Healing Holidays, I commenced treatment with Dr. George in Kovalam. I´m very impressed of his profound knowledge about this kind of naturopathic medicine.

He helped me to relieve the pain in the bones of my legs, caused of an accident years ago. He used high-quality ayurvedic herbal oils and his skilfull daily treatments. Furthermore he gave me valuable advice for restoring my physical and psychological balance.

I hope to visit him again next year in Kovalam for my health with the healing power of ayurvedic herbs and the right nutrition for the individual constitution. Dr. George means to me a very helpful resource of knowledge of the ayurvedical way of living.